Blogging Engines

Class Blogmeister This is an excellent blogging tool for primary students. All articles and comments have to be approved by the teacher before being posted. If you wish to set up a blog, and no one from your school has yet registered with Classblogmeister, you just need to email David Warlick (the creator).
21 Classes This is a relatively new blogging tool.

Primary Blogs

(Blogs used with children 5 to 8 years old.)
Here are some main categories of blogs:
1. The children each have their own blog which is linked from the teacher's blog or a central page.
Mrs. Cassidy's Classroom Blog - Grade One - Moose Jaw, Canada
Kinderkids - New Hampshire
Debbie Froehlich - another kindergarten class. Just the teacher blogs.
Room 9 Nelson Central's Blog - Year 2/3 class from New Zealand - current
Room One Mapua's Blog - year 2/3 class from New Zealand - no longer used but good to look at as an example 60+ posts
Tracy Muller's Kindergarten Class - Only the teacher blogs
2M Little Gems - A class of Australian grade one students.
Mrs. Lichtenwald's Class - Grade One - Moose Jaw, Canada
Ms. Schwichtenberg's Class - Grade one - Commerce City, Colorado, USA
Leah Dewhurst's Class - Grade Two - Saskatchewan
Mr. Smith's Bloggers - Grade Four - Hannibal, MO, USA

2. The teacher has a blog and the children comment.
Ms. Ubell's Grade One Blog - Moose Jaw, Canada
Mrs. Martin's Grade Four Blog
3w - Bangkok, Thailand - Year 3 (7-8 year old students)

3. The teacher and the students share a blog.
AllanahK's Year Four/Five class in New Zealand
Room 209 Second graders in Chicago
1AH - Mrs Hossack's Grade One class - Shanghai American School, China

4. The teacher blogs about classroom happenings.
First Grade Fun Grade One-Robinson, IL USA
Mrs. D'Annecy's First Grade

Support Blogging - LOTS of links to student/class/teacher/principal/librarian and administrator blogs as well as edublogs. Well worth a bit of time to browse.