Using Web 2.0 Tools With Primary Students

This wiki was created by Kathy Cassidy to use in presentations and workshops. It's purpose is to provide examples of primary teachers and their classes that are using web 2.0 tools and to list some of the tools that are available and appropriate for the use of the web by primary students. If you know of some great links that should be added to any of the pages below, please do so.

Primary students love being connected to the world using online tools. All of these tools are available online, free and suitable for using with students who are 5 to 8 years old. Additional links for working with these young students can be found at Primary Pixels.

If you are working with students in grades three to eight,
you can also check out Elementary Web 2.

Examples of blogging tools and primary classroom blogs.
Examples of wikis used in primary classrooms.
Some podcasting and videocasting tools.
Examples of tools that can be used on wikis and blogs.
These are the toys that make your web page more fun.