Podcasting and Video


Podcasts are voice recordings that are available on the internet and can be played or saved by someone else. You just need a microphone.

Audacity is a recording device that can be downloaded. Use it to record your students' voices and then save the recording as an MP3. (This is one of the options on the menu.) Once you have saved it, it will need to be uploaded to the internet.
Garageband is a Mac tool that can record for podcasts.

Hosting Sites

Podomatic.com - can be used to upload and share your finished podcast.
Podcast People - can also be used to share podcasts.
A wiki about podcasting. It has some instructions for podcasting with Mac and PC computers.

Examples of Primary Podcasts

The Kindergarten Goobers - This kindergarten class blog is no longer active. Each day, the teacher recorded the children reading their morning message together and posted it as a podcast.
Mrs. Gauley's Class This link is to a podcast by the grade two's reading riddles, but you can hear others by clicking on the "next" button in the upper right hand corner.


Online storage sites for video: