Pictures and Slideshows

Webpages are much more fun to read when they contain images.

Drawing Pictures Online

YouDraw You can draw black and white pictures at this site, then "send" the picture to this site (you'll have to do this twice) and then check under recent drawings. Once it is there, you can save it and upload it to Flickr (see below). The site allows you to use thick and thin lines.

Doppelme Create an avatar that you can put on your blog as a "self-portait". There are lots of options for hair, clothing, expresions, etc. When you have finished creating your avatar, instead of clicking "I'm done" and registering, use a right click to save it to your files.

Sketchcast Allows you to record your voice while you draw or demonstrate.

Online Photo Storage

To put a photo on a blog or wiki, it must first of all be stored online.
Flickr is an online photo storage space that will give you the URL and html of your pictures so that you can put them on your blog or wiki.
Once you have photos uploaded to Flickr you can make a badge to display some of these photos on your blog. Once logged in go to tools (next to where it says 'upload photos' and then>"build a badge" to make one!


Slide takes still images from your Flickr, Bebo, Photobucket, etc. accounts and makes a variety of cool flash prentations that you can easily post to blogs from Slide.
Bubbleshare allows you to make slide shows, add captions to your photos, and to record your voice (or your student's voice). When the slideshow is complete, it generates html that you can put into your blog so that the slide show is part of your blog.
Rock You is similar to Bubbleshare. Again, you upload your photos and then copy and paste the html into your blog. There are lots of cool additions to make your slideshow move and sparkle. There are some questionable images on Rock You that children could get to by clicking on the slide show. This can be avoided by deleting the generated html between getflashplayer"/ and </a></td></tr></table>.
Voicethread Add images and record voice to accompany images. Viewers can also record and add comments.

One True Media also makes slideshow of photos or pictures, allowing you to choose transitions, music and the format of your show.
Animoto - When you chose your music, this site decides the ways that your picture will be shown.

fd's Flickr Toys This is not really a slideshow, but has some cool ways to make your pictures look more interesting before you put them on your blog.