Widgets make your blog more fun for your students.

Clustr Maps show your students where in the world people live who have visited their blogs. Each visit is recorded as a red dot on a world map. When you register, you are sent the html for your own map that you place on your blog.
Yackpack Their walkietalkie product can be placed on your blog or webpage. Anyone who has a microphone can talk to you using this tool as long as you both have your webpage open on your computer. You use it like a walkietalkie--you talk into the microphone while holding down the click on the mouse and then release it to listen for a reply.
Make a Writing Wizard or a talking tomato or a talking flower... You write the text for the cartoon, and then the website generates the html for you to copy and paste into your blog. This site is very useful when teaching dialogue.
Glitter Banners - create glitter banners using this tool.


These sites can be used to upload video. Then, just copy and paste the html or url the site provides into your page.

Examples of Video in Primary

Grade One students show different ways to count to sixteen.
Kindergarten students explain what addition is.

Other Tools

Skype is a computer to computer phone service. Great for chatting with other classrooms around the world.
Toufee is an online application that allows you to make free Flash files for online publication.