Wikis are webpages that can be edited, either by anyone or only by selected people. They can be used to support all areas of the curriculum.

Wetpaint These wikis are easy to edit because the toolbar moves down the page with you. You can add interesting features such as videos and polls. A drawback to this wiki is the amount of print on the sides of each page, which make it very busy for children learning to read. Teachers can ask for the ads to be removed from their wiki.
Wikispaces (You are reading one!) Wikispaces is giving away 100,000 free wikis to teachers. It takes about 2 minutes to set one up. The pages contain very little "extra" content, and you can choose to have the toolbar move down with you. The "Help" desk is very prompt to reply.

Below are some examples of primary wikis grouped by subject area:

Language Arts

Grade one students using a wiki to cooperatively write a story.
Grade three/four students in Austrailia made this "choose your own adventure" about Terry the Tennis Ball.


My six and seven-year-olds wondered what 1000 looked like, so we are collecting 1000 names.
We made a graph of our favourite foods and invited others to contribute.
Kindergarten classes started this page to show visually what the numbers to 100 look like.
Kindergarten classes collecting data together to compare at the end of each month.
Primary Math Wiki Primary classes sharing pictures of patterns.


We recorded the things we were learning about dinosaurs.
Primary Plant Project - Classes sharing what they are learning about growing things.

Social Studies

When we studied schools in the past, we interviewed our grandparents, and recorded their experiences on a wiki.
Grade three/four students made this wiki about how their town of Geelong, Austrailia has changed over time.
A grade one class is inviting contributions as they learn about responsibilities.
A primary class collects traditions.


The creator of Heart to Heart Around the World is collecting children's artwork with the theme of hearts. (This is actually a blog, but the creator invites you to become a member and contribute.)